Australian Bodycare Hy-Wax System and Lycon Wax at Beauty Above Harrogate.

At Beauty Above I use the HY Wax system from Australian Bodycare for strip waxing, legs for example and Lycon for those more delicate areas. 

Australian Bodycare are very aware of hygiene and have developed the innovative and hygienic waxing system "Hy Wax" this ensures the wax that touches the skin has not been contaminated by anyone else. Lycon uses only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.

Australian Hy Wax System available in HarrogateClients are blissfully unaware of the dangers that can result from waxing, how could you know that bacterial, fungal, or even viral infections, including cellulitis, can be passed on through 'double dipping'?  Double dipping occurs when a therapist repeatedly dips the same spatula into a hot wax pot rather than use a fresh spatula every time. 

The Australian Bodycare  Hy-Wax system minimises the risk of cross infection. The innovation uses the highly recommended wax  tubes with individual disposable dispensing heads –  meaning a completely hygienic wax every time. The disposable dispensing head has been designed with an anti flow back system, so that only wax in the disposable dispensing head comes into contact with the client’s skin. A fresh and hygienically sealed dispensing head is used for each client to ensure there is no cross contamination from one client to the next.

Australian Bodycare professional salon range provides the perfect balanced blending of Tea Tree Oil and other specially selected ingredients to soothe and condition the skin and hair hygienically whilst restoring natural pH balance and moisture.

The wax is applied thinly and evenly over the skin ensuring every hair is covered but not overly saturated
Tea Tree Oil antiseptic Wipes are used to prepare the area to be waxed, these will leave the skin clean and free of surface bacteria.

Australian Body Waxing Each client has a new wax dispenser which is individually wrapped and opened in front of the client, after the skin has been prepared for treatment. Always keep the lid from the tube to replace after dispenser is disposed of.
The unique dispenser system will ease the application of wax allowing it to be spread thinly and easily, without dragging the skin.

Only the wax that is released from the dispenser comes into direct contact with the skin.
Large areas can be covered in one application then removed in the normal way with either a paper or fabric strip. This reduces the time taken for waxing and the need to reapply, thus reducing sensitivity

Lycon Wax – Setting the Standard

The Lycon range of products are synonymous with consistency, quality and unrivaled effectiveness, and Lycon has become a firm favourite with waxing clients.

Using only the finest resins, natural ingredients and aromatherapy oils, Lycon delivers superior performance, removing stubborn hair as short as 1mm.

Brazilian or Hollywood? Obviously cleanliness is a must. If you have arrived for your appointment straight from work, wipes are provided to freshen up.
During menstruation the treatment may still be carried out, a tampon must be inserted with the string hidden inside by the client, if however this is not an option the client wishes to take, then a g string wax can be done as an alternative.

Price List

Waxing strip

  • 1/2 leg over knee £15
  • Full leg £22
  • 3/4 leg £18
  • Underarms £ 7
  • Lip or chin £7
  • Lip and chin £12
  • Brow shape £7
  • Forearms £10

Hot wax

Super sensitive wax for those super sensitive areas

Intimate waxing

  • Hollywood full hair removal £25
  • Brazilian small strip of hair left £22
  • G string all hair removed from anus in shape of g string £20
  • Bikini line £12
  • Extra areas e.g stomach £3

Male waxing

  • Back £15
  • Chest and stomach £15
  • Chest £10
  • Nose £8
  • Ears £8

Lycon Intimate Waxing

Australian Bodycare Hy Wax System

Lycon Hot Wax

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